A good photographer is a person who communicates a fact , It touches the heart , makes the viewer a different person .  



Hi, my name is Massimiliano (Max) Bedendi, live in Conegliano, city of art and wine Prosecco. For over thirty years working in the photography industry having operated with my parents, Joan and John, a shop / studio called Idealfoto. From the beginning I have breathed the acrid smell of acetic acid in the darkroom of my father, I experienced the excitement and spirit of the artisan work as a photographer in the round. The Mission, as we say today, was to make an appeal to timeless their memories. The good old days of analogue photographer workshop was considered a point of reference for all those who joined the desire to stop time the passion and taste to create a beautiful image printed on photo paper. This work has allowed me to meet many people, maybe when you take a simple photo ID, I trusted their concerns or their joys. Was being formed so that human relationship that went far beyond the simple customer-shopkeeper. In the '80s and' 90s I worked as a photojournalist with the local newspaper 

"La Tribuna di Treviso" and I must say it was a training ground for life tough and charming at the same time. Being in contact personally with human dramas, especially because that was what it allowed me to find myself at the center of a scene be it a car accident or ripodurre a photo of a deceased person, in the jargon he said: go to do the "head", and give our best because it was the fundamental EU law news and the testimony of tempi.Ho seen for about 15 years to go through my camera, the first was a Canon AE1 Program then I switched to the T90, Who remembers them? , The life of my community and through my work I was always centro.Questa long and sometimes tiring experience allowed me to develop my own personal feelings, a more intimate, to photography, trying to go to the essence. I really enjoy experiencing various photographic techniques and are a true lover of the Black and White, having known even in the days of analog, because I find it much more profound and, precisely because it is not in color, all of us that we approach it we must inevitably interpret it first with the eyes, then with the heart. As the great photographer Mario Giacomelli: The photograph is a simple thing, provided it has something to say.



My new site is the prelude of a personal project of life and I've just started .  I hope you follow me in so many .....

         Sincerely , Max Bedendi .

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